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OTIS 606 NCT - 2

Otis, the largest elevator and escalator company in the world, through an ongoing research example of total quality product absolute quality.

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OTIS 606 NCT - 3

which offer the maximum in safety, reliability and efficiency. elegant appearance of the Otis 506 NCE escalator and fits well into the Otis product family. Otis 606 NCT has been devel- oped to meet customers' needs in a wide range of usage from department stores, shopping some airport facilities. Suitable this Trav-O-Lator®, available in both Inclined and horizontal

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OTIS 606 NCT - 4

Trav-O-Lators® move people. That is why safety is the upper- most concern. Otis 606 NCT covers the needs of the world's highest safety standards. Otis' tapered handrail entry box is the safest ever designed. Its unique form and specially devel- oped deflectors make sure that nothing except the actual handrail can approach the critical zone. The safety switch location also protects against casual allows suitable trolleys to be transported safely. The progressive comb has been specially designed to guarantee a smooth and safe transfer of at the landings to cope with the codes, is made from...

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OTIS 606 NCT - 5

A unique multifunction opera- tional panel gives key access and visual indication of running status and, optionally, recent history and detailed fault diag- A plus for owners and users

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OTIS 606 NCT - 7

advanced styling with technical high at the landings, assures superb transparency and safety. clear safety glass combined with aluminium or stainless steel finish deckings. Customers are given the choice of smoked, bronze or green glass. The black or other colours as an finished to match the deckings or the skirt panels, enhancing decorative lighting options are • linear skirt lighting to enhance • attractive traffic flow light, mounted on the outer decking to provide clear indication of • under pallet lighting at tion locations. The standard lateral outer cladding is made of powder- coated...

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OTIS 606 NCT - 8

The established world leader With more than 1,7 million elevators worldwide, Otis is the world's leading Trav-O-Lators® and elevators. Since pioneering the world's first safe elevator more than 150 years ago and the first escalator more than 100 years ago, Otis has established manufacturing, sales and service organizations in more than 100 countries. Today, Otis Escalators s.r.o. is supplying world markets with commercial and public escalators and Trav-O-Lators® from Breclav, Czech Republic (EU). Pioneering safety measures and ecological initiatives Sustained commitment to research Otis'...

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