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OTIS 506 NCE - 1

-maq NCE Technology 26 6/06/08 17:11 Page 1 NCE Technology

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OTIS 506 NCE - 2

-maq NCE Technology 26 6/06/08 17:11 Page 2 NCE Escalator In close-up Controller Upper landing Machine Balustrade Handrail drive Step band Intermediate section Balustrade decking Lower landing Glass interior panel Skirt panel Handrail Step Handrail entry box Track system Tension carriage Truss Step chain LOWER LANDING Bottom plate truss

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OTIS 506 NCE - 3

-maq NCE Technology 26 6/06/08 17:11 Page 3 The NCE: technology that establishes benchmarks i n e s c a l a t o r s a f e t y, re l i a b i l i t y a n d e n v i ro n m e n t a l con cer n . Innnovation has been a constant theme in Otis’ development as the world’s leading escalator manufacturer - ever since we invented the escalator more than 100 years ago. (The word escalator, in fact, was an Otis trademark before it passed into the public domain.) Pioneering initiatives like the glass balustrade, the cleated riser and the newel have moved escalator technology forward and subsequently been...

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OTIS 506 NCE - 4

With specially tapered deflectors, the handrail entry box is certified exceeds worldwide codes. iïhe optional multi-function operation panel at the upper and lower landings can identify and often rectify a problem. discourages foot contact with the skirt panel. If desired, two The optional rounded step nose reduces the risk of scrapes and cuts in the event of a passenger n"he optional traffic flow light Indicates the direction In which INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY PUTS SAFETY The elongated newel allows passengers to balance themselves before moving onto the moving escalator The handrail entry box...

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OTIS 506 NCE - 5

INTELLIGENT ENGINEERING ENSURES REFINED The reliability of an escalator Is linked to the quality of its design and to the quality of Its build. And also to the level of service with which it's maintained. In all three areas, Otis has established Industry To achieve extra escalator rigidity - which ultimately contributes to passenger comfort - we have devel- oped a truss construction comprised of tubular steel profiles welded into a single unit. The steps too reflect this singleminded focus on engineering excellence. Constructed In one-piece. die-cast aluminium, they are exceptionally sturdy...

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OTIS 506 NCE - 6

Balustrade rigidity is obtained through the continuous glass support profile - as opposed to supports fixed by Intermediate clamps Synchronised step and handrail speeds also enhance ride quality as does a closed-loop polymer handrail guidance system. The system minimises friction and wear making the ride exceptionally smooth and quiet. At all production stages, rigorous assembly controls are Implemented which compare each operation against a strict tolerance parameter. An initiative pioneered by Otis is a computerised jig which fine-tunes adjustments to the tension carriage, track system...

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OTIS 506 NCE - 7

PIONEERING TECHNOLOGY ENHANCES ECOLOGICAL CREDENTIALS. Sealed-for-Nfe bearings (shown above) combined with high efficiency lubrication systems minimise environmental impact. Energy-efficient stand-by VF speed curve First Last First Last passenger passenger passenger passeng Step after leng idling period As a result of Otis' environmental concern, initia- tives have been taken to reduce the Impact of the Sealed-for-life bearings and an optional, highly efficient lubrication system which uses up to 40 times less oil than a conventional system are typical of such measures. Energy-saving...

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OTIS 506 NCE - 8

Advanced manufacturing procedures ensure outstanding product quality Expertise gained from the shared experience of installing escalators around the world enables us to work fast, efficiently and with the minimal First we dedicate a team of specialists to the project. The team will analyse your expectations and help define a specification taking into account traffic and aesthetic aspirations. (Traffic flow In a store. for instance, might be required to route passengers through a certain area.) The team will help determine the most efficient arrangement for your Installation - be that...

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OTIS 506 NCE - 10

6/06/08 17:12 Page 10 www·o t i s ·com Otis reserves the right to change any part of this specification without prior notice. Printed in E. U. 26 195 (06 08) BTH -maq NCE Technology 26

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