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Gliss 5th

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The wardrobe is the most intimateand private area of the home: it reveals tastes, habits and the lifestyle of its owner. Different needs according to the season, or changing as time goes by, that go beyond the object which contains them. This is the concept underlying the new version of Gliss 5th, a development of the classic Molteni wardrobe, with a variety of possibilities, now becoming a system of wardrobes. Adjusting to the flexibility of our choices so as to plan them in a practical and functional way. Without giving up the esthetical value of design furniture. A simple, linear design,...

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Trim, like all elements of the series Gliss 5th, is modular. Different solutions are available for every room of the house: bedroom, walk-in wardrobe or hallway. Trims 130 cm sliding version introduces a new concept, which allows the combination of two different finishings in the same door, such as lacquer and mirror or coloured glass. Trim, come tutta la serie Gliss 5th, sicaratterizza per la modularitҠ delle proposte. Soluzioni diverse per ogni ambiente della casa: camera da letto, cabina armadio o disimpegno. Di nuova concezione Trim nella versione scorrevole da 130 cm, che permette di...

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The interior fixtures are innovative, andguarantee maximum use of space. The chests of drawers, for example, are available in three heights and four widths in the new pearl, grey and natural millerigheӔ finishings. The drawer fronts can be in printed glass and come in various colours. All the drawers are easy to open as they have partially extractable, cushioned runners. Innovativo il progetto dellattrezzaturainterna, per garantire il massimo sfruttamento dello spazio. Le cassettiere, per esempio, sono disponibili in tre altezze e quattro larghezze nella nuova finitura ғmillerighe perla,...

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Gliss 5th is available with twotypes of interior fitting: the first, ClassicӔ, redesigns interior spaces according to the latest trends, with a wide choice of drawers, shelves and easy to use accessories to allow maximum accessibility and visibility of all items. The second, 5thӔ, allows rapid variations in the organisation of the various elements, according to the changes in storage needs. > 2654 Gliss 5th dispone due tipi diattrezzatura interna: la prima, ClassicӔ, ridisegna gli spazi interni in funzione delle nuove tendenze della moda, con unampia scelta di contenitori a cassetti,...

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Gliss 5th offers furnishing solutions tailored to specific tastes. Various exterior finishings are available, with matte and gloss lacquer, polyester or the innovative softӔ finish in many different colours; exclusive wood finishes such as american walnut, oak or warm weng; glass or fabric surfaces; millerighe蓔, a new material with an unusual tactile feel available in harmonious colours. Gliss 5th propone soluzioni di arredo amisura del proprio gusto. Varie le proposte di finiture delle superfici esterne, con lacche opache e lucide, poliestere o con linnovativa finitura ғsoft in tanti...

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Gliss 5th can be fitted with theClassicӔ interior fixtures, but is also available with the innovative 5thӔ solution, versatile and flexible. Thanks to a special supporting back, all the fixtures are independent and easily positionable, without limits regarding height and width. Maximum freedom in shaping your own private space. The ClassicӔ and the 5thӔ versions can be used together, with an even wider range of choice: every compartment of the wardrobe will be arranged with the most logical and rational fittings. Gliss 5th pu essere dotatodellattrezzatura interna ⒓Classic ma anche...

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The Stripe doors, in both the hinged andsliding versions, are available in weng, grey oak, dark oak and american walnut. They also come lacquered in the Molteni range of colours, glossy in chalk white, pearl, moka black and venetian red. Le ante Stripe, sia nella versione a battentesia in quella scorrevole, sono disponibili in essenze weng, rovere grigio o scuro, noce canaletto. Oppure laccate in tutti i colori della gamma Molteni, lucide nei colori bianco calce, perla, nero, moka e rosso veneziano. > 3310 stripe4746 size="-1">

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The Square door ischaracterised by a series of handles designed with a classic taste but featuring innovative design elements, guaranteeing an excellent grip. Three types of handle areavailable, in different materials: chrome steel with matte lacquered or wood inserts, and cellulose acetate, a material normally used for exclusive spectacle frames, in two versions: arched or silhouette.The grip is unexpectedly softand pleasant to the touch. Square is available in several bright colours. Lanta Square Ҩ caratterizzatada una serie di maniglie di gusto classico ma dal disegno innovativo, per...

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Interior flexibility, in both the ClassicӔ and the 5thӔ versions, is guaranteed by the numerous accessories on offer. The compartments can be organised in hundreds of different ways, perfect for every storage need. Pull-out trays in wood or aluminium for shoes, bags and other objects. Shirt racks, trouser and skirt hangers, tie and scarf racks are just some of the purpose made accessories of the Gliss 5th system. > 5278 La flessibilit degli interni, sia nella versioneClassicӔ sia nella versione 5thӔ, garantita dai numerosi accessori proposti. I vani interni possono cos essere configurati in...

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For all wardrobes with sliding doors, Gliss 5th uses a sophisticated sliding system, the result of a decade of experience of the Molteni Design Team. Great care is dedicated to the detail and precision of the mechanics. Smoothness of movement is guaranteed by terminal cushioning which acts on opening and closing; geometry and sliding are precise to the millimetre; stays can be adjusted for the perfect alignment of the doors. Per tutti gli armadi con ante scorrevoli,Gliss 5th adotta un sofisticato sistema di scorrimento, frutto dellesperienza decennale del Centro Ricerche Molteni. Grande...

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The hinged doors of Gliss 5th also revealhidden solutions which make them a product of design attentive to function. They come in hollow core wood so as to guarantee maximum lightness and durability. Technologically advanced hinges with an elastic movement, cushioned on opening and closing. Profiles in cellulose foam to protect from dust guarantee an effective barrier to dust and sufficient circulation of air inside the wardrobe. Anche le ante a battente di Gliss 5thnascondono soluzioni particolari che ne fanno un prodotto di design attento alla funzionalit. Sono costruite in tamburato per...

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