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Bespoke Contemporary

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Bespoke Contemporary

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Bespoke Contemporary The storyof MODENESE LUXURY INTERIORS has its origins in the distant 1818 when the Modenese family launched their own wooden furniture manufacture. TWO CENTURIES have passed and the family business was carefully handed down from father to son across seven generations. Today Modenese Interiors is a HIGH-END FURNITURE MANUFACTURER with an abundant wealth of experience in luxury interior design that offers to its clients a full range of services: from broad collections of customized handmade furniture pieces to individual designing and turn-key project realization.

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Contemporary Bespoke Interiors

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Full customized Contemporary Furniture

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From SITE MEASUREMENT to tailor-made LAYOUT ADVISORY, our in-house designers will customize your interiors

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From high-end material selection to final fit out installation

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Projects for your dream Bespoke Kitchen

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Custom-made kitchens that reflect your personality and Your Style

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D L E ATHER S M OODB OARD 0 5 Composition Composizione 36 % VI, 34 % CO, 10 % PES, 10 % LI, 10 % PC Width Altezza 140 cm Weight Peso 580 gr/m Martindale 40.000 cycles Cleaning Instructions Istruzioni di lavaggio Every single detail contributes top notch ITALIAN QUALITY for the HEXAGONAL - TWICE - GRID Country of origin Paese d’origine ITA Karab Armchair in Grid 0744 Fabric Karab Poltroncina in tessuto Grid 0744 Composition Composizione 31% L, 27% P, 24% PA, 18% CO Width Altezza 138 cm Weight Peso 290 gr/m Martindale 40.000 cycles Cleaning Instructions Istruzioni di lavaggio HEXAGONAL -...

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MODELLO REGISTRATO 3132/B > sgabello / stool / табуретка 3132/S > sedia / chair / стул

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TCT 'F L F PAR 7 7, LESh3 ALLACCIA ' E- -’AIJJ JA.NCU L! ■! 'j t 9p*rro At,-, H>J g m IZCC1CLC ESCLUSO

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Soggiorno bifacciale.Living room two-sided. cm. l. 200 p. 36 h. 220 Specchiera rettangolare. Rectangular mirror. cm. l. 100 h. 200 .dedis-owt moor gniviL.elai 022 .h .rorrim ralugnatceR .eralogn

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Credenza 2 ante 4 cassetti. Sideboard 2 doors 4 drawers. cm. l. 205 p. 55 h. 113 78

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Contemporary Atmosphere for residential and hospitality

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classico contemporaneo contemporary classic Altezza Larghezza Profondità Seduta Altezza Larghezza Profondità Seduta

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'■si***, fataci frftUM rteL^T S

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Modenese Interiors tailor-made Walk-in Closets are exclusive rooms where distinguished taste and functionality intermingle effortlessly

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Full solution for your and

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Our team guarantees an absolute professionalism and the highest competence in Residential Projects Fall into the reverie… and let us make it true!

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prestigious woods, high quality materials and sheer love for fine decorations

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Custom-made Marquetry crafted from selected woods, mother-of-pearl, splendid marbles for Unique Inlays

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V.i.p. Halls and Presidential Suites We fit out the best hotels of the world

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Fine dining requires delightful interiors and exquisite pieces of furniture

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Our CONTRACT DlVISION manages complete Turn-Key Projects worldwide

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Saint Petersburg Moscow London Kiev Astana Milan Baku Almaty Riyadh Dubai Jeddah Welcome to our World Beijing Shanghai Honk Kong Singapore San Paolo Cape Town Headquarter: Via Caodalbero, 579 - 35040 - Casale di Scodosia - Padova - ITALY Tel: +39 0429 879146

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