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Letti e contenitori - 3

ACCESIBILIDAD Producimos calidad, conscien-tes que ser as cuando ser᭡ econmicamente posible para muchos. Lago sabe volver accesibles sus ideas. DESIGN Design isnt just a clich㒩 for us.Its our personality, our enthusiasm and that which makes us one of a kind. We create purposeful, enduring and ecstatic products giving the individual opportunity to create their own personal conception. ZUGANGLICHKEIT Wir erzeugen QualitҤt, mit demBewusstsein, dass sie dies auch dann sein wird, wenn sie wirtschaftlich fr viele erschwinglich ist. Lago macht seine Ideen zugnglich. ACCESSIBILITE Nous produisons...

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Letti e contenitori - 5

It is not a factory: it is a social gesture. It is not an industrial shed: it is a new mental approach. It is nota mirage: it is an oasis among cement boxes. The project of the Italian architect Chiucchini resulted into ӑ LA > 隓 ̂ هׯÿˍ, Njݚ ӓ׋؂Қ̌fl Ǐ˒ҋfl. 隓 ̂Gɒ͓ ȍӯÿԛ, ҋݚ ӌӂ˚ ȏڇθ̋ڈ ԓɄѓ. ɹړ ̂ ϋNJ, ˝ړ ӇK Ғɋ Ȃς̋̚ڄ эӯÿӷӍ.LAGOFABBRICA ӷflĠ ҂Ӌ ϔflӂ΂̋ԯÿӂ͚ ۇı˚ړ ǠڇΓ 下ۍ͋̋. 隓 ˌ-Ƿˍǻ, ͓ړfl ǔӋBӉ˚ ғĎǒ̓ Ӓ̓˚ ύ˚¯ÿflˏ įÿNJɇ͓̒ē ׋-ӒگÿӋڂθҚ. ቂҸ گÿ؇˛ڒfl ςʉ ےӷӈ׎DŽӯÿӉ̋ڂ χڂˇ΋, ڌ׋ژ̋ڂ Ɏfl ԯÿӏ˚ώ̓ē ҚӋڂθҚ: ɂfl̋ڂ ׇ΍, ˍ˯ÿԋ ؋ ҚΓ, ͂Ǐ˘͇fl Ԏ˚͇, Қǎ ؋ǎ΋ۏˌˈ; ǯÿı˚ڛ̋ڂ ҋҚ˚, ӚNjۋ؋Ӛ׌Ӓflڏ ؂Γ͇, ғINjۚ ćϓ̋،ۋ ۘ¯ÿɛ ͎̇ӌ̋ڄ эӌҚۍȋ. ȡɂҸ I ˒ۚҚ ׎DŽӚ̓...

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Letti e contenitori - 6

᳤ӏԇ̋fl Lago ԯÿׯÿǁۂ ڒ ˔ӋBӉҚ̌˚Ӌ،Ӓڋ, ˒ԓθ[fl ɛ ړ ǒڂӯÿ˚.蓒΂ ڷӒӂ ڏӒق ۂɌ˚ı ˘ڂگÿnjҔӯÿړ, ϔӍǒӘ̋ڂ ҋҚ˚ flfl˛ڒfl ӯÿ˚ ϔ Ӂ̇؋ϓҚ ˋҚӘ͓̋ ρDŽflLfl ˇڏӒق˚ ΂ڛ؋ϋ ӯÿć̋؂ҍˏ ˒Ӊˌflˏ (ˣ), 高ړ G؇Қۋ ۓ͇Kڂǂ ړگÿˈǚ،ӂ flˌ˂ ̇ ̇҂΂̋ ӍۊNjۋ؛˛ үÿɛ. 䓏ԇ̋fl Lago ҏӚ˚ ·ۉۋ؂. 98 >

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Letti e contenitori - 7

The container can become its content, if it isenriched with values. Packaging Collection 2004, for example, is a project that has involved the pupilsof the Steiner's school in Cittadella (Padua), thuscontributing to letting them express their creativity. More than 120,000 square meters of packaging cardboard were turned into a huge drawing sheet on which the children could express their imagina-tion. But it was not only this. In line with the envi-ronmental ethical principles, after it has performed its original function, the cardboard packaging can be wound on itself to form 'curl', the...

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Letti e contenitori - 8

㧇؋̇fl ҋInjfl "˥nj˙ ڋҍےҚ ˔ӋBӉҚ", ͓ړӂ ڄѓɋ ڔӉ Γ[̄ӏ "ڇθfl͓̒ ӋBӉҚ ˏ ڍێؚۯÿ̛˛ ϋҒˋ", ۤΛ הӏ˚ώ̋ڄ ѯÿLjӌӂ ڇ΋, ˂ ғگÿۉ̋؂Қ ҙӌɓ ϳ˚ڇɂΎǯÿڂ (ɓӉ NjҍےҚ) ¯ÿϋ ΂ӂΘ ؂ҋ ےگÿۍڛ ۔ӏ˚ώ̋ڄ ѯÿLjӌӂ Қnj˚ ¯ÿfl ɏ¯ÿӔfl˚ˈ, ̇ԯÿǂ΂̌˚ı ̇ ۯ˚،ۋ ۍێؚۯÿ̛˛ ԂȂ̍ ۋڇθfl͓̒ ȔӉۍȋ. ˱؋ ۔ӂ͚flǂfl΂ڒfl ےڇ̓˂ ˓ԯÿɂ΂̋ ؂ҍ˄эӯÿ̂, ȍӚӯÿ˚ϋ ӷ·ɇ ΋۷ӂ ˚ǎfl،ҍӂ ˁɂ΋, ԓ͇Gڸ ϋ ےˏ΋؂ҍۋ ےۋ،Ӓڸ ˚ǎfl،ҍӈ ҋҚ˚. 䓏ԇ̋fl Lago Ӓ˚ ҂ӈ · ɂ ԯÿӂ͚, ԯÿˌˏfl Ǜ؇Қ˂ ¯ÿǷӘ˄ ф۔ԇı, ͓ړ˚ ·ۉۚ ǷӚǚ ، ǓҚӂ «nj-낯ÿΓ ȋ. ˹ړ ғ¯ÿ̋ڈ Ӕ˚ ډfl ίÿǁǷӚ͋ ӯÿ˄ˌǎ،˚ı ˉ ˔ӂ͚ӂ, ԓɘ¯ÿ͋fl Ȃ̌Ӓڸ ؂Γ͇, ͇ ͎˘̓Қ. >

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Letti e contenitori - 9

In the sphere of the INTERIOR ISLAND: THEART OF SURVIVALӔ project, arranged by Achille Bonito Oliva and associated to the 51st Biennale of Venice, Lago collaborate with Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto managingthe fitting of the Production Office BookShop. The arrangement of two compositions is pro- vided with NET cubes inside of which a selec- tion of Cittadellarte products will be exhibited. Furthermore, Lago will contribute to the ֓Art ofsurvival with a special edition of the famousRicciolo that has become the ԓstool of survival for the occasion. Lago, convinced of the importance of...

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Letti e contenitori - 11

Lago interpretiert das Schlafen mit neuenLҶsungen, um den Schlafbereich vielseitig zu erleben. Ein Spiel mit in einem perfekt formellen Gleichgewicht schwebenden Trumen, ein kostbares und einzigartiges Schaffen, das ber die Grenzen hinaus schaut und die Wahrnehmung eines zu lange im Dunkeln gebliebenen Raums 伤ndert. Das Ganze mit kompletter Zugnglichkeit. Das Design folgt dem Menschen. Lago interpreta el dormir con nuevas solu-ciones que crean mltiples modos de vivir la zona nocturna. Un juego de sue亱os en perfecto equilibrio formal, una creacin preciosa y extraordinaria que se...

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Letti e contenitori - 12

Bed with height adjustable central legmade up of a multi-ply platform united toa solid metal structure. The circular design is completed by the curved headboard. More room to sleep and less room taken up. Das Bett mit zentralem, hhenverstellba-rem Fu鶟 besteht aus einer Mehrschicht-platte, kombiniert mit einer robusten Metallkonstruktion. Das abgerundete Kopfende vervollstndigt das runde Design. Die freiliegende Matratze schafft.Lit avec pied central hauteur r䠩glablecomprenant une plate-forme en boisstratifi combine 驠 une structure solideen mtal. La tte de lit en forme de demi-lune compl骨te...

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Letti e contenitori - 14

Fluttua C Letto con pianale in multistrato e struttura in metallo con testiera in tessuto Montecarlo col. 01. Contenitori Punto con anta in vetro laccato bianco e specchio. Bed with multi-ply platform and metal structure. Montecarlo fabric col. 01 headboard. Punto storage units with door in white lacquered glass and mirror. Rundbettstruktur mit Bettboden aus Mehrschichtplatte und Metall- konstruktion. Punto mit Tr aus wei lackiertem Glas und Spiegel. Lit avec plate-forme en bois stratifi쟩 combine une structure en m頩tal. lɩments de rangement tiroirs Punto avec porte en verre laqu blanc, et...

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Letti e contenitori - 16

Fluttua C Letto con testiera in pelle col. 469.Comodini e com 36e8 in rovere grigio. Specchio 36e8.Bed with leather headboard col. 469.36e8 grey oak bedside tables and chest of drawers. 36e8 mirror. Rundbett mit Kopfende aus Leder in der Farbe 469. Nachttische und Schubladenkommode 36e8 in Eiche grau. Spiegel 36e8. Lit avec tte de lit en cuir coloris 469.Tables de nuit et commode 36e8 ench⪪ne gris. Glace 36e8. Cama con cabecera en piel color 469. Mesas de noche y cmoda 36e8 en roble gris. Espejo 36e8. > 㤯ÿӂǚ ؒ Ӓԋ̍ӈ ˁ ͓ʋ Ȃ469. ǭۏד؍ ˋ ͓ϓ 36e8 ɋ R¯ÿӄ Ӊ۷. ǡ¯ÿ͇Γ 36e8. Letto/bed L 240 H 46,3/61,3...

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Letti e contenitori - 17

Set lenzuola Fluttua C Fluttua C Colori disponibili set lenzuola Fluttua C.Fluttua C bed sheet available colours. Farbangebot der Bettwsche Fluttua C Draps Fluttua C disponibles dans les couleurs suivantes. Colores disponibles sbanas Fluttua C. Particolare della testiera in pelle col. 469.Detail of the leather headboard col. 469. Detail des Kopfendes in Leder Farbe 469. D䡩tail de la tte de lit en cuir coloris 469. Detalle de la cabecera en piel color 469. > ꑂڇθ ڒӍӈ Ҕˌ͋ ˁ ͓ʋȂ 469. ǨɎDŽǂϋڂ Ȃ ljflΔӒڂθ̓ē ׂθfl Fluttua C. Ambra 9000 Ambra 9301 Ambra 9371 Ambra 9325Ambra 9452Ambra 9999 3130 size="-2">

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