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Control Solutions fumo

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Smoking Control Design Features u 2 sizes available – 1.5 litre and 3 litre. u 1.5ltr can be wall, glass or post-mounted and holds up to 525 cigarette butts. u 3ltr can be wall or glass-mounted and holds up to 1,050 cigarette butts. u Weather and vandal resistant. u Vandalex®* anodised aluminium grilles provide a heat resistant stubbing area. u Quick and easy to install. The door of the unit opens fully once unlocked to allow easy access to the liner/liners for emptying. * Vandalex® material is an aluminium alloy engineered to produce a high modulus of elasticity, which offers increased impact absorption properties. Its hard anodised finish will not rust, is easy to clean and never needs painting. Materials Base, Top, End Panels, Grille, Door: Vandalex®. Liner: Galvanised steel. £86.00 3 Litre Ashmount supplied with lock, liner and wall-mounting kit. £73.00 1.5 Litre Ashmount supplied with lock, liner and wall-mountin

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inless Available in Startec® Steel or Armoteel. Coated S Design Features u Highly durable and weather resistant. u Available in either “brushed” stainless steel or dark grey Armortec®# coated steel. u Integral stubbing and aperture grille. u Ground fixing bolts supplied as standard. u Supplied with a 4 litre galvanised steel liner. u Holds up to 1,400 cigarette butts. Once unlocked, the door drops forward to the open position, secured by a chain. # Armortec® is a corrosion resistant coating, which is specially formulated to extend the life of Glasdon metal products and components used...

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rd with Fitted as standaingenious ™ a SmokeGuard amn ening d p smokedevice. Design Features u Two stainless steel stubbing grilles and apertures. u Removable door for easy emptying. u Anodised aluminium domed top. u Easily identifiable from any angle. u Robust, weather-resistant outer. u Supplied with ground-fixing bolts as standard. u Supplied with a 10 litre galvanised steel liner. u Holds up to 3,500 cigarette butts. Easy To Empty SmokeGuard™* Smoke Dampening Device The SmokeGuard device is fitted underneath the stubbing grille and within the liner. In the event of a smouldering...

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For wall, glass gor post-mountin . Design Features u itted with SmokeGuard an ingenious F smoke-dampening device. u Stainless steel stubbing grille and apertures. u 180o opening door with integrally moulded knuckle hinge for easy access to liner. u Anodised aluminium domed top. u Locks on both sides for convenient siting. u Permanent and lift-off wall fixings. u Magnetic liner stay. u Robust weather-resistant outer. u Holds up to 1,050 cigarette butts. Easy To Empty ** Durapol® material is a polymer formulated to withstand extremes of temperature and is impact-tested in our Quality...

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